Rental Terms

Renter Requirements

Minimum age for rental is 18 years old.

A valid driver’s license must be presented prior to rental.

A valid boater’s license must be presented prior to rental and if not available, renter agrees to complete a training module.

Competency and Operation of Watercrafts 

RMR will determine that all renters are competent to operate a watercraft and navigate the waterway safely. If a renter is not able to operate a watercraft or navigate the waterway safely, RMR reserves the right to refuse the rental and the renter will lose their reservation deposit or 25% of the rental fees paid.

Please note, in the event that the renter demonstrates competency and takes the watercraft and decides to drive recklessly, out of control, dangerously, or a complaint is made to RMR from a third party about the renter, RMR has the obligation to terminate the rental immediately and the renter will not be refunded any amount of the rental. RMR takes the safety of our staff, renters and bystanders very seriously.

Only those people who have entered into the rental contract, signed a waiver,  completed safety checklists, and who have a boater’s license or have completed the training module are authorized to operate and/or be a passenger on the watercraft. If anyone is found to be on the watercraft that is not authorized, RMR has the right to take away the watercraft and cancel the reservation with no refund

There is a max occupancy limit on every watercraft that must be obeyed at all times.

Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy   

A 25% deposit or payment in full is required to secure a reservation. If no deposit or full payment has been made, RMR does not have to hold the watercraft, and as such, the renter may lose out on the rental.

Cancelled reservations with 14 days notice will receive a full refund.

Cancellations made with less than 14 days notice will lose their reservation deposit.

Cancellations made on the day of the rental by the renter will be charged the full amount of the reservation, no refund will be given.

If it is raining or cloudy, RMR still operates. If there are thunderstorms, lightning or high winds, RMR will use discretion and will advise of operating conditions and cancellations. RMR will reschedule your booking if a cancellation has occurred due to safety, mechanical  or other measures deemed unavoidable. 
In the case of mechanical damage that might make the availability of a boat rental impossible, RMR reserves the right to switch the reservation to another watercraft that is available, reschedule or cancel the reservation without penalty to the renter.

Long term rentals will receive no refund for incremental weather days during the rental period. 


Credit card damage deposits are mandatory for each piece of equipment.

Damage deposit does not limit the renter’s liability in the case of a severe or total loss.

During check in, a staff member will go through the basic operation of the watercraft and confirm with the renter the condition of the watercraft. Upon return, any damage to the watercraft  or lost equipment during the rental is the renter’s financial responsibility to cover the repair or replacement. The renter is responsible for all damages that occur while the boat is in their possession, including when the boat is tied up. All rental repairs will be done by RMR’s service department. The damage fee amount is based on applicable parts, time required to repair the watercraft and possible loss of rental income of the watercraft. Hourly rate for a RMR Marine Technician is $120.00 an hour.

Safety and Legal Terms 

Renters must obey all speed limits, no wake signs and reduce speed close to all shorelines, docks, other watercrafts and people. Failure to do so could mean provincial and federal offences including dangerous operation of a vessel or careless operation of a vessel. 

Mandatory safety equipment is included in each rental. Do not remove these from the vessel or PWC unless it is an emergency. There is a personal floatation device for each occupant of the watercraft and it is recommended that they be worn throughout the rental.

None of the watercrafts rented by RMR allow for the legal consumption of alcohol or drugs by any person occupying the rental. In other words, alcohol or drug use is forbidden and occupants can be charged for such use by the police.

As an operator in charge of the watercraft you must be attentive at all times to your actions, your guest’s actions and behavior, other boaters, swimmers, objects in the water, depth of the water and changing weather conditions. Renters will have a cell phone on their person while renting at all times.

Any tickets or violations while on the water are the responsibility of the renter.

Rental Terms 

All rentals come with a full tank of gas. The watercrafts are to return in the same state. If the rental is not returned with a full tank of gas, RMR will fill the gas tank and additional charges will apply. 

RMR does not provide child/youth/infant life jackets. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to bring properly fitted life jackets for their children.

For any overnight rentals, the overnight storage location for the watercraft MUST BE APPROVED by RMR before the rental. 

It is recommended that all renters have sufficient swimming abilities and comfort around the water. RMR does not offer swimming lessons. 

All renters must download the Navionics App before they take a watercraft rental. This is a free app for 14 days that is a GPS for the waterway. 

Some additional charges may include:

Additional Boater’s License: $39

Lost or stolen life jackets: $160

Lost or stolen operator keys: $130/$240

Lost or stolen tie offs: $40

Lost or stolen buoys: $50

Late returns (per half hour): $100

Cleaning fee: $79

Towing/Rescue fee: starting at $300

Marine Technician (hourly rate) $139


Contact us at for questions Rental Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change any and all policies of Rogue Marine Rentals at any time without notice.  To make sure that you are up-to-date with all of the latest changes, we advise you to frequently visit our policy pages.

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